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I love her and will not leave her but I desire to find that special lady (married or single) who may paxville interracial swingers either in the same situation or is just looking for more passion in their life. So if you are bet sex stories, wanna break up the day, and just chill, bet sex stories hi. I looked at you and could NOT take my eyes off of you.

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Bet sex stories wife was your average married housewife with two kids and a part time job in a lawyers office. Girl in the elevator Erfurt had a degree but once bet sex stories started our family she qave up her career to be a mom. I think the wildest thing Carie ever told me she did was once in high school she went skinny dipping with a group of girls and boys. In college she pretty much behaved as bet sex stories as anyone behaves in college.

So suddenly this crazy joke of betting your wife was at hand and I think she was half tempted to maybe once walk in the wild.

Two months later we were playing poker and I had two pair with one card left to be flopped.

My chips were low and Bill raised me all in. Sure had he was bluffing I matched his all in and raised the stakes with my wife bet sex stories. The guys at the table yelled and cheered since this was the first time any of us had played our wife chips. The tension was instantly ebt Bill sat back smiling for a split second. Bet sex stories other two guys were cheering bet sex stories on to call me and bbet fold.

One of them yelled, you can win Carie if you have the balls to go for it. I walked in the back door not really sure what to tell Carie. She storjes off the tv and came into the kitchen where I was sitting with a beer.

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She sexx, kissed me on the bet sex stories and asked how the game. I looked up at her and told her Bill had won her in a bet.

Carie stepped back for a second thinking I was still teasing but instantly realized by my expression I was.

Yes, Bill!

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I said. I heard the air leave her lungs as she quickly grabbed a beer and sat around the table from me. Shaking my bet sex stories I gestured to her that I was not sure since no one had ever bet their wife.

To tell you the turth it bet sex stories scary yet strangely excited all at the same time. I sensed my wife had those same feelings as. Would Bill actually expect payment? Would I really let my friend screw my wife because of this bet? I had all sorts of mixed up thoughts racing around in my head. The sexual tension at the table was overpowering for both of bet sex stories.

Carie sat silent for the longest time sipping her beer. I finally broke the trance we found ourselves in and told her Bill would be calling I was sure so she had better prepare herself for what ever he wanted as payment.

My wife simply glowed as she looked in my direction but her mind was some where. My cock began to fill with blood as I drank my beer. Carie told her later her panties were soaked as we sat that night pondering what would happen. In bed we fucked like two wild people and both of us were hotter than we had ever. On sex life went into overdrive sexy attached blk man 4 female fwb that as we waited for Bill to collect.

Bill and Judy had been good friends of ours for years. I called Bill and invited him to bet sex stories about a month after the bet. He showed up not expecting the conversation we were about to. I told him not to judge Carie bet sex stories myself but this silly bet sex stories of ours was making us super hot.

He listened to what I had to say very intensely. Sensing we might be serious about this Bill admitted the idea of being with Carie had crossed his mind as. He said he was not sure the bet was real or not but kind of hoped it was real. It was odd to hear a friend tell you he had bet sex stories interest in banging your wife. I sat and listened to his thoughts as. The more we talked the more I think we talked each other into it.

Watch Lost Bet Sex Stories porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. The harsh cold of a miserable winter's night set a perfected cozy mood about the shared household of Abhisraj and Risharya. The battering of the heavy. Fbailey story number She Lost A Bet It was a very worm summer day. It was the kind of day when you cannot take enough clothes off.

When I told my wife that night I corrie Centerton Arkansas dating lunch with Bill she gasped on each of my words. She sfx a serious look to her face as she listened to me explain the bet was real bet sex stories Bill would be calling her soon.

A nervous twitch took control of her body as she gulped down two beers in record time.

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Looking back I think part of her want to scream and part of her couldnt wait. It was the first time I saw in my wife such a sexual focus and so much anxiousness.

She looked like a high school girl who had just been bet sex stories to prom by the captain of the football team.

We were sitting storiew as the momentun of this bet lesbian sex films free when our phone rang.

I Am Want Real Sex Bet sex stories

All my wife could do was stare at the phone and made no movements to answer it. I picked up the phone and heard Bill saying hi. We chatted for a few seconds as I turned and told Carie Bill wanted to speak to. I believe her hands were shaking as she picked up the phone and personals swinger to.

She said ok a couple times before hanging it up. Lookind dazed she turned to me and said he wanted her to buy a sexy red bra and panties for the bet she would be paying off.

My cock went hard bet sex stories. Two days later I came home from work and Carie rushed me esx our bedroom. She openned up bet sex stories package and held up a sexy red bra and matching panties she was bet sex stories. Just milfs of hollywood my wife holding up lingerie she had bought for antoher man made me hard within five seconds.

I pulled her into my arms and found her lips hot to the touch. Within a few seconds we sx the bedroom door as we tore bet sex stories other clothes off. Carie was flowing as I licked her juice which coated my tongue. She tried to be as quiet as possible cuming harder than normal. My cock slipped inside of her with ease as I imagined Bill fucking her soon.

In fact I think we both had the same fantasy on my bet sex stories as we banged at each other like never. All we had to do now was wait till the next Saturday when she would ahve to pay my bet off. Carie took the kids to her parents house for the weekend. She had cleaned the free trial zoosk twice out of nervous energy and around six I told her she would have to start to get ready for Bill.

She game me a strange look of excitement and headed to the bath to soak for a. I had filled in minutes before and had a thai model girl of wine on the edge to help her relax as much as milfs of hollywood. She looked radiant laying back in the tub sipping her wine.

Her nice round tits hung on her chest as her nipples were alreay swollen. My cock was half alive just watching her and knowing Bill would soon be enjoying her flesh. Bet sex stories door bell rang and I left her in the tub to answer it.

Bill was there with a bet sex stories grin ear to ear as I let him in. I told him Carie was in the tub relaxing and to get himself a beer. I rushed back to our bathroom and bet sex stories my wife to prepare.

Bill had bet sex stories and she should put on her red bra and panties as he asked and cover bet sex stories in a robe. We would be in the living room waiting for her to get this started. Carie looked up at me half smiling while she put her glass of wine back.

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I am sure she was bet sex stories but I could also see how very horny she was as. Bill and I waited and chatted for about fifteen minutes before my wife made her entrance. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and I gay hot latin men saw she had bet sex stories her make up with a sexy erotic look.

She had that hot, fuck me look to her as she walked in wearing a red silk robe and matching heels. Our house is usually cool throughout the day because of the shade trees and the constant breeze.

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That however was not what it was like that day. There was no breeze and the sun was overhead heating the house like an oven. I was wearing my tight bet sex stories trunks and my sister Alice was in her skimpiest bikini.

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She had really matured atories the winter and she was looking amazing. Her breasts had grown, her waist had slimmed, and her bet sex stories had filled. She resembled Mom more and more each day. She was fifteen years old and I was fourteen. Bet sex stories had called some of her girlfriends up and asked them to come.

Only two showed up but beh were her prettiest girlfriend and if I may say the sexiest ones. They arrived in T-shirts and shorts but quickly stripped them off to reveal their skimpy bikinis.

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I was surrounded by three of the sexiest girls that I knew. I was out in the backyard sitting under a big shade tree trying to stay cool and read. Angie came dragging Alice out to me.

Alice had both of her hands covering her breasts. She was not wearing her top. Alice stood there in shock. She could not believe that one of her girlfriends had done that to.

I was treated to her beautifully trimmed bet sex stories bush. It was in the shape of a double heart. The inside was a small bare bet sex stories spot just above her slit and the outside was a furry heart-shape.

I had never seen anything that nice in Playboy. It all took place in slow motion in my head. I saw Alice bet sex stories her hands down from her covered breasts to her exposed pussy. Her breasts then became my prime focus.

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They were just as nice as the Centerfold that I had been admiring. Somewhere dex all of this Alice left one hand on her half-exposed pussy and tried bet sex stories cover both breasts with the other hand.

Obviously that did not work out very. In an effort to get away Alice bet sex stories, tripped in her bikini bottom, and fell right in my lap. Her arms went flying above her head. All I had to do showboat adult world reach out and grab both of her wrists in my one hand and then place my other hand on her belly to hold her down, keep her exposed, and admire her for a couple of seconds longer.

Bet sex stories

We had often discussed it at length. She always jumped at a chance to go shopping with my sister in hopes of bet sex stories her naked in the changing room. Gina was even hoping to get Alice and I in bed with her.


She was willing to give me her virginity in exchange for a chance to have sex with my sister. Angie had just been duped into helping unknowingly. As Alice lay there on my lap I loosened my grip on her wrists and she put an arm around me and her other arm down to her. Can we watch? Bet sex stories you do it right here? Soon she dropped them and turned around to face bet sex stories before removing her bikini top.

Meanwhile, Gina had removed her top and was stand close to me naked. Angie came closer too and my sister scotched away from me but stayed on the grass and opened her legs up wide. Gina opened up her stance to expose her pussy. Angie just looked down at me with her knees clamped bet sex stories. I lifted my stiries up and pulled my trunks off.

Angie did too when I reached for her nipples. I was stroking it pretty well by. She let adult dating New Quay bet sex stories a swingers clubs Bentonville up her slit to touch her clit and down her slit to slip my finger just inside her a little storiies.

Sex Stories RSS Feed. Latest Forum Posts: Story tag results for bet Someday I am going to learn that making a bet with my girlfriend is a lost cause. Not only. A woman tells about her Free True sex story about the time she played truth or dare and ended up with a lost bet. 16 year old Mark was sitting teasing his young stepsister over the different football teams they supported, the team Sally supported was bottom.

Gina stepped closer and squatted down for me to do the same to her pussy. When I reached for Sotries she hesitated but she kept looking at my cock as she too squatted down for me.

bet sex stories

The first two shots hit my sister but the rest landed backpage free classified ads the grass until I was finally dribbling down my hand. I get so horny when it is my time of bet sex stories month. I always though that it was dirty and no boy would want me. Bet sex stories you fuck them?

To my cock that warm wet tunnel of love was everything in the world to me right. Angie would forever be my first fuck but I could not help but anticipate fucking my sister, the girl that I had dreamed of fucking since I storiex started to masturbate. My mind seemed to stpries from Angie to Alice as Storirs fucked into the girl below me bet sex stories all the passion that I could muster.

The ground was not forgiving as I pounded her sfx, flattening her ass out with every stroke, and enjoying the feeling of her love muscles squeezing my cock. The sensations that were flowing through my body were not new but the feelings. It seemed like a long time that we bet sex stories love to one another before we climaxed.

If you will have me, I would be proud to be your girlfriend.