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How to give a woman attention I Searching Hookers

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How to give a woman attention

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It gets you hooked.

You can use this technique in your own life, too — for talking to women. A little warning, this will drive them crazy at first!

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Ultimately, when this happens you have to keep your frame and YOU decide when to tell. If you go out and tell them everything immediately, the tension will be lost… so stretch it out for a little.

Tell them a little at the beginning and save the rest for later. Givr trick to this is to gather up pertinent pieces of information about her that you can use later on.

Remember, the more you know about a woman, the more you can use this to your advantage. Create whatever hwo of tension you can!

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During your interactions, you usually have ample opportunity to study her body language and attentoon at her closely. You may have found a how to give a woman attention piece of jewelry she wears, or a tiny scar she has, or a tattoo, or that she dyes her hair the color of her eyebrows could give that away, or the fact that near the roots, her hair has its natural color.

Use everything you notice to your advantage! Mysteries can be about yourself or what you pretend to have figured out about her, but be sure to use them more sparingly as the conversation progresses: Move on to authenticity and, ultimately, a more intimate and sexual vibe.

Way Too Social.

Step 1: Set up the mystery Step 2: Play the game. Step 3: Unveil the mystery.

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