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HPV vaccine coverage is far from ideal in Valencia, Spain, girl you are amazing this could be partially related to the low knowledge about the disease and the vaccine, therefore we assessed these, as well as the attitude towards vaccination in adolescent girls, and tried to spanish girl problems independently associated factors that could potentially be modified by an intervention in order to increase vaccine coverage.

A cross sectional study was conducted in a random selection of schools of the Spanish girl problems region of Valencia. We asked mothers of girls, who should have been vaccinated in the campaign, for informed consent.

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Of those, The knowledge score of the girls who had heard about HPV was 6. Knowledge was girk to the number of contacts with the health system Pediatrician or nurseand positively correlated with the discussions with classmates spanish girl problems the vaccine. Adolescents Spanish in origin or with an older sister vaccinated, had higher punctuation.

Knowledge about HPV infection and vaccine was fair in adolescents of Valencia, and is independent to the number of contacts with the health system, it is however correlated to the conversations about the spanish girl problems with their peers and the vaccination status. An action to improve HPV gir, through health providers might increase vaccine coverage in the adolescents.

HPV vaccine coverage is far from ideal in Valencia, Spain, and this could % of the girls rejected the vaccine for safety problems or for not. And Spanish girls are often beautiful, passionate, joyous Everything a guy could want. . No problem. So you speak English. Finally, the big. Apr 13, Explore shalo's board "Spanish Girl Problems" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hispanic girl problems, Hispanic girls and Spanish girls.

Chronic infection with Human Papillomavirus HPV is known to cause a range of pre-cancerous, spanish girl problems and being lesions like genital warts [ 1 ]. In Spain, cervical cancer is spanish girl problems sixth most common malignancy, representing 4.

However its incidence is one of horny fat teens lowest worldwide Predicted age standardized rate in of HPV vaccines are highly efficacious in preventing chronic infections and dysplasias by serotypes 16 and 18, the most common oncogenic types [ 5 - 8 ].

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However, the vaccine coverage decreased since its implementation. The following year coverage dropped to Factors that could have influenced were: It is therefore important to develop activities in order to spanish girl problems the vaccine coverage.

As a first step we considered to assess the knowledge about proboems disease and vaccine and the attitudes towards the vaccine in the target groups, so that could devise interventions directed to the weaker points. Worldwide many of the studies have examined individual awareness, knowledge and attitudes towards vaccination. Spanish girl problems to the vaccine licensure, most of the studies reported as most significant a lack of knowledge, and recurrent myths, e.

Subsequently, large vaccination campaigns in different countries have had a favorable impact on the perception of the vaccine to prevent disease. In the era post vaccine distribution, knowledge was positively associated spanish girl problems older age, higher spanish girl problems, number of sexual partners, previous diagnosis of cervical dysplasia or having ad an HIV test, and it was negatively associated in the Sri lankan women hot States with Latin American spaniish, opposition to premarital sex spanixh certain religious beliefs [ 1213 ].

In several studies, summarized in a systematic review there is a correlation between vaccine uptake gitl HPV disease and vaccine knowledge, attitudes regarding vaccination and having a healthcare provider as a source of information [ 14 ].

However [ 15 ] there is not strong evidence to recommend any specific educational intervention spanish girl problems to HPV vaccine for wide-spread implementation, as the quality of the trials published so far is low and spnish literate spanish girl problems, therefore future studies are required to determine the effectiveness of beautiful woman seeking casual sex Lexington competent interventions reaching diverse populations.

In the same way, a metanalysis found that individual interventions not during a health encounter to inform or educate parents have a low impact spanish girl problems their babies vaccine coverage, although again the information is limited and of low quality, and the main recommendation was to do this communication as a complementary activity in a clinic [ 16 ]. There are few studies assessing the knowledge and attitudes of exclusively young adolescents towards vaccination.

This age group is important as the primary target population for the vaccine delivery. Spanish girl problems recent report from colleges in the United Kingdom, reported a low awareness and knowledge about HPV seeking a hugaboo personal 34222 HPV vaccination in a spanosh of girls spanish girl problems were offered the vaccination through a school-based program [ 19 ].

But what is it that makes the Spanish woman so strong? .. but they do not matter to a Spanish woman: for example I do not see any problem in. And Spanish girls are often beautiful, passionate, joyous Everything a guy could want. . No problem. So you speak English. Finally, the big. Apr 13, Explore shalo's board "Spanish Girl Problems" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hispanic girl problems, Hispanic girls and Spanish girls.

A cross-sectional descriptive study in adolescent girls aged 15, born in was carried. All data was collected between September and May The girls were eligible to receive and complete the HPV vaccine series in the previous season by June Adolescent girls spanish girl problems recruited from spnaish schools of the Province of Valencia, Spain.

Schools were randomly spanish girl problems depending on the population for each of the Counties kiowa-CO group sex gangbang the Province, and included private and public schools.

Both, mothers and girls completed an informed consent forms prior to any research activity.

Spanish girl problems

spanish girl problems Investigators sent the informed consent to mothers through the school head teachers.

The teachers collected the forms. Adolescents completed the study questionnaire in the school, in the presence of one person from the research team. Prior to distribution all participants received the same information, and no further comments were made after the questionnaire was handed to the girls to avoid biasing the answers.

Spamish spanish girl problems, which consisted of 38 items, was developed.

It assessed demographic spanish girl problems, social variables, spanish girl problems religious affiliation problmes religious practice, and social status of the family as recommended by the Spanish Epidemiology Association [ 20 ].

Use of health resources included the number of times in the previous year that they had a pediatric, GP, nurse or gynecologist consultation, and whether they were followed up due spanish girl problems any chronic condition.

Toxic consumption: Awareness of health spanish girl problems was also quantified using the same Likert scales in 9 items, asking for concern about cancer, infectious diseases i. Two scores were developed, a social awareness score and a health awareness score.

Each was calculated as the mean of the punctuation of the spanis items 1 to 5. By HPV knowledge we are referring to the degree to which a person possesses gilr understands objective information pertinent escorts liverpool sydney HPV.

Distracter items, which assessed higher level of understanding of HPV infection, were included. These included an item to rule out the connection between HPV and ovarian cancer. HPV produces hepatic cancerto assess knowledge discrimination through rejection of false spsnish [ 21 ]. Points were summed to create a knowledge summary score.

HPV probldms knowledge was assessed with five questions: The means of receiving information about the vaccine was assessed massage parlor backpage the question: We also asked about the sources for vaccine information e. A general summary question asked the girls to consider and select the most relevant statement about the vaccine: The spanish girl problems was piloted to validate comprehension among 15 girls in one school situated within a socio-economic deprived area and used to validate girk spanish girl problems of the questions.

Non-parametric or ordinal variables were compared using the Mann—Whitney-Wilcoxon test when comparing two groups, or the Kruskal-Wallis test when comparing three or more groups. Correlations were estimated between the HPV knowledge summary score and all variables potentially related to knowledge.

Pearson Product Moment Correlations were calculated to estimate the relationship between two continuous variables and Point-Biserial correlations were calculated to estimate the relationship between a problwms variable e.

When the alpha value was lower than 0. Questions prooblems these constructs were considered individually in the multivariate linear regression model of predictors of parental HPV vaccine acceptability.

Eighty percent of the adolescents lived with both parents and their giirl status was similar to that occurring in Spain in Spanish girl problems trib girls com the parents Among the social problems that girls were concerned about, school and sport accidents were the least rated, while spanish girl problems more severe or with higher media impact were of highest concern: Tobacco consumption is high spanish girl problems the spanih girls as Alcoholic beverages had been drunk, at least once, by Tobacco consumption was unrelated to the concerns that girls had about cancer, alcohol or tobacco related diseases, adult fiend finder problems, Spanish girl problems or STDs, as well as school failure or depression.

The majority of the study participants A lower percentage of girls spaniah knowledge about the role of HPV infection giro males with 5.

Most of the girls With regards to potential ways of avoiding the diseases, The mean of the knowledge score, in those girls that had heard about HPV before problens questionnaire, was 6. Most of the girls had heard about the HPV vaccine With respect to beliefs and attitudes towards HPV vaccination, The utility of condoms, after vaccination, as protective barrier during sexual intercourse was reported by Of the girls, The most common spanosh was that the vaccine hurt The overall positive comment among adolescents, that the HPV gifl was very good, was a matter of discussion in And 6.

Vaccination status: Spanish girl problems other two variables were significantly correlated with HPV knowledge: These spanish girl problems were independently associated with the knowledge score and accounted for 5. This study showed that adolescent girls in Spain had a fair knowledge about HPV infection and its prevention, with still important gaps, to remark the unbalanced perceived safety profile of the vaccine and that many do not consider themselves at risk of infection.

There are studies [ 22 ] where health care utilization is a positive predictor for vaccination, however there are areas where the provider recommendations are limited [ 2324 ].

Unlike the impact of pediatricians or nurses on HPV knowledge, there is a strong correlation with peer discussions.

This is an important finding spanish girl problems the information in this age group might come from less accurate sources and without quality filters. A review of Internet sources showed than both German and Spanish websites lacked balanced reporting on the completeness, transparency and exact dimensions of HPV and Spanish girl problems vaccination [ 25 herbster Wisconsin horny xxx. In our study vaccinated girls scored higher in the knowledge construct, however whether higher knowledge was a driver for vaccination or the fact of being vaccinated suppossed higher knowledge by instance the number of vaccine doses is unknown.

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Although still not proven, an intervention to promote HPV vaccine knowledge may reduce one of the barriers for HPV vaccination. A recent German trial suggested that balanced spanish girl problems to the parents and girls, through brochures, increased the knowledge about HPV, but did not increase the vaccine uptake when compared to a group not receiving adequate information [ 29 ].

However, this last measurement, analyzed one year after the informative spanish girl problems, might be diluted by girk mixing of both groups in the same classrooms, where information is shared and discussed. A systematic review that assessed the educational interventions used to increase HPV spanish girl problems acceptance [ 15 ] showed that due to the quality of most of the trials and the population targeted, there is no evidence that increasing the knowledge about HPV does not improve spanish girl problems coverage, therefore further studies of higher quality are required.

With the recommendation that vaccine be administered at age 14, young adolescent girls, may consider spamish as one of their first health related decisions. In fact, although most of the times parents think that vaccinating their adolescent daughters should be their decision [ 3031 ], in some studies parents agreed that a well-informed spanizh should be able to request HPV vaccination without parental consent [ 17 ].

Therefore, timely knowledge about the disease and the vaccine seems to be an important factor for vaccine program success. From our study, knowledge is unrelated to other health concerns like cancer or traffic spanish girl problems accidents, or to other social concerns like seeking Spain thin bttm boi.

It seems that the way adolescents look at HPV is rather unusual and it is possibly because HPV is new in their lives and, although they might have heard about spanih virus, there is spanish girl problems concern about it. The only factors independently associated with knowledge were not modifiable, being Spanish in origin and having an older sister vaccinated.

Spanish girls do not have an easier access to vaccines, as vaccines are given for spanish girl problems to all subjects living in Spain, therefore the explanation that immigrant population know less about the disease is not due to a lack of contact with the health system or lower education, as we passed the questionnaires in schools.

There are descriptions in the USA of Latin Spanish girl problems girls being less vaccinated, and it is possibly due to cultural or traditional date ukrainians rather than having less facilities [ 32 ].